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Wenzel's World
Course Outline and Grading Policy

Great Neck South Middle School

Welcome to 7th grade U.S. & N.Y.S. Social Studies


Dear Students,

Welcome! This letter is designed to be an outline of the expectations that I have for this coming year.

1. Read these guidelines and sign the form at the end of the letter.
2. Ask your parent or guardian to read and sign the letter too!
3. Tear off the signed form and return it to me as your first homework assignment.

* This course outline must be kept in the first page of your notebook AT ALL TIMES*



Required Materials

You will be required to bring the following items each day to class:

1. Writing tools including pen and pencil
2. Notebook... a three-ring loose-leaf binder including loose-leaf paper
3. Folder for any non-hole punched papers
4. Student Planner

Textbook: The American Nation (Prentice Hall) 
This textbook will remain at home to be used for homework and reading assignments.

Grading Policy


Grades for each quarter will be based on the following categories:

25% = Homework
25% = Quizzes/Mini Projects/Notebook and Planner Check
50% = Tests/Projects/DBQ Essays
(Testing days are Monday and Wednesday.)
(Quizzes may be given any day.)

* Failed Tests MUST be taken home and signed by your parent or guardian
* All late work (up to 3 days) lose 10 points per day.



Homework may not be assigned everyday, however, it will be assigned whenever I feel it is necessary.

The first thing we do each day is copy down the homework from the board into our planners.  

Below is the correct homework heading that is to be placed on all papers to be graded:

Ms. Wenzel - Period #____________________________________Assignment Description

----- Homework assignments must be handed in on loose-leaf paper and neatly written or typed.

----- COMPLETE SENTENCES are required for full credit.

----- ZEROES are assigned to all missing homework assignments.

----- Homework collection takes place at the BEGINNING of class.



* If you are absent from class, it is YOUR responsibility to make up any work missed.

* ALL WORK MUST BE MADE UP IF YOU ARE ABSENT (homework, tests, quizzes, ect.) on the DAY YOU RETURN TO SCHOOL, if you are absent for 1-2 days.  If you are absent for more than 2 days you MUST see me to discuss arrangements for making up the work you missed.

* You must get all notes, handouts and homework assignments from your homework buddy.

* Find a homework buddy or visit the class Website for any work missed.

* The work you missed will be stapled together and placed in the OUT bin at the front of the room.

Homework Buddy____________________________________
Phone Number/E-mail_________________________________


Welcome Mat

At Our School We Are...

1.      On Time 

     (this means in your desk, ready to begin.)

2.      Prepared 

     (notebook, pen, planner and homework should be on your desk when the bell rings.)

3.      Responsible

      (complete your assignments, and share your ideas in class!)

4.      Respectful

      (this involves your words and demeanor towards me and your fellow classmates.)

5.   Attentive
     (Follow Directions the FIRST time they are given.)

If You Choose to Break a Rule

1st Time:     Name on board.  Warning.

2nd Time:   One check - 15 minutes during lunch for a brief conference with me.

3rd Time:   Two checks - 30 minutes during lunch for detention.

        Behavior Journal to be completed by the student and returned with parent's signature.

4th Time:     Three checks - 45 minutes after school on Monday for detentin and a phone call home.

5th Time:     Four checks - Referral written and phone call home.


Severe Disruptions:  May result in skipping several steps.

      Names and checks erased each Friday afternoon.

      After the third behavior journal a referral will be written.

Extra Help

Extra help is available :

* Every day during 5th period lunch, by appointment
* After school from 2:50 3:20 Thursday

Please see me if you have a conflict so special arrangements can be made.

Teacher Contact


If you have any questions, problems, need extra help or assignments, please feel free to contact me! I want to help you make this a GREAT YEAR!

* Phone: 773 - 1685
* Classroom Website: http://Wenzelsworld.tripod.com


I understand Ms. Wenzels course outline and my responsibilities in this class.


I have read the following pages outlining classroom guidelines and accept what is expected of my child.

Signed:__________________________________________Parent or Guardian


Telephone Number(s): Home#______________________________Work#_____________________________

Your comments would be appreciated: