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Wenzel's World
Unit Objectives

Below are the Unit Objectives for each unit we have studied in class.


1. Our environment affects our culture.
(Where you live determines how you live.)

2. There are many different types of maps that display different information.

Native Americans

1. Native Americans got everything they needed to survive from their environment.

2. Native Americans needed to adapt to their environment in order to survive.

3. Native Americnas were polytheistic.

Age Of Exploration

1. The European empires expanded at the expense of Native Americans and Native Africans.

2. Every event in history (especially exploration) had positive and negative effects depending on your point of view.

3. The Portuguese helped start the slave trade, the Spanish conquered, the French set up fur trade, and the English came to start a new life.


1. The Pilgrims came to America for religious freedom, but practiced religious intolerance in America.
(They were persecuted in England but persecuted others in America).

2. Because of different geography and economy, the North and South developed completely different ways of life.

3. The English colonies were established for the expansion of the English Empire.

American Revolution